Keith Graham

Rolfing guildford surrey

Certified Advanced Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner

OMT Advanced Spinal Manipulation, 

Rossiter Stretching Coach

Senior Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor – TCUGB

Re•Set, Your body rebooted*

is based on the scientifically validated work of Dr Ida. P. Rolf.  

I am a certified Advanced Rolfer but also bring other healing modalities into my treatments. For this reason, I have chosen the trading name “Re•Set” because it more accurately describes what I do.

*Formerly Rolfing Tai Chi London

As a long time student of Tai Chi, I have developed a sensitivity and an understanding of how to work with the subtle energies in the body.

rolfing guildford surrey

As a Rossiter stretching coach, I am also able to work with heavier clients or highly toned athletes such as rugby players and martial artists who may need a strong touch. 

As a Rolfer, I have learned to see and feel which approach is appropriate and to encourage each person I see to move towards balance and freedom.

What benefits might you expect from a Re•Set treatment?

Undergoing the full Re•Set program of up to twelve, 1-hour sessions, is like giving your body a 100,000-mile service. Restoring your body (as far as is possible) to factory settings.

More specifically, improving postural alignment, muscle coordination and your sense of balance brings greater freedom of movement and increases the amount of energy available to enjoy life. 

On a much deeper and more profound level, the Re•Set program is a re-education which teaches you:

rolfing guildford surrey
  • How, as a unique individual, you respond to the world you find yourself in. 
  • How your responses have become habits which shape your body and the way you move.
  • How the habits you have evolved are like a type of system software which occasionally needs updating.

My job then is to ‘debug’ your software. To help you recognise and change redundant and unhelpful patterns so that your responses become choices and lead to greater wellbeing, not further harm. The changes we make in this way will have benefits which last a lifetime.

The Re•Set program is, therefore, one of the best investments that you can make for your future wellbeing.

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rolfing guildford surrey



PROVEN EXPERT my testimonials website


I have been seeing Keith for about eights years now. I had a rolfing ten series 15 years ago and needed a tune up in London and have been going to him ever since, about every other year.

Keith is fantastic – yes, as with other good praciticioners of rolfing or other practices the costs seem high but once you have had the basic series you just go for a few sessions as and when your body tells you it needs it.

I felt my hips become unaligned. No problem. Keith fixed it in once session.

At the end of last year I strained my foot and had trouble walking – saw Keith once and walked out of the session smiling.

I have been to a number of other rolfers and Keith is the best, and I have recommended him often. I will keep on seeing him until he retires (never hopefully).

Just go and try it, you won’t look back!


I had a course of 8 treatments from Keith about 2 years ago which benefitted me tremendously. Over the years my desk based computing job had led to some posture problems. Keith’s treatment helped identify and address these problems and brought to my attention several aspects of my body and posture of which I was totally unaware. Worth every penny, 100% professional and a lovely person to boot.

30/04/2018Jagir R.

I have seen Keith on numerous occasions and I feel this has truly benefited me, I had a bad neck and jaw for years and in just a couple of treatments I am cured. After years of other treatments I have found Rolfing a revelation.

Thank you