Craniosacral Therapy & the Spiritual

Craniosacral therapy & the spiritual.

I have found Cranial work an amazing way to experience that there is more to our lives than we are aware of. It can give us real direct experiences, & then help us deal with them.

Over the years, all that I describe below has been experienced by people in my clinic in Guildford, Surrey. In just the past 2 weeks people have experienced these things, and more!

If we are willing to open, I have found Craniosacral therapy to be a door into our inner world, our connection to others, to expanded consciousness, and to an inner wisdom.

An core part of cranial work is connecting with a part of us that ‘knows’ what to do, & allowing stuck parts of us to move in a way that opens us, lets go of fixed patterns, & resolves things.

With Cranio sacral therapy I have seen many people move out of their stuckness enough to make inner journeys to parts of themselves and places that they were not aware existed.

Many people have travelled to their past, and opened to the core experiences that shaped them, many times as small children or babies, often back to the womb itself. Sometimes to beyond the womb. These parts of us – children, babies, embryos – are revealed as living breathing parts of us, ‘here and now’ inside us. We learn that we have in the far past buried these parts of ourselves from the light of day. Yet they are found to shape everything we do and say.

When let out into the light of day, we can learn to get to know these parts of us. Then we can allow them to be here, to be loved, rather than locked away in in dark, closed, unloved boxes.

Some people open doors to beyond the womb, and spontaneously experience themselves as being in a past life. They experience themselves as being in that life, in a vivid extraordinary way. They may ‘see’ ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ as if they are transported through time. Bringing these ‘memories’ into awareness seems to allow many people to to understand their present day lives better, to feel freer, & open to something greater.

People meditating can struggle to find expanded conscious. I have found craniosacral therapy a place to open to and to begin to understand and relax with these places. Often we don’t know what opening is. With craniosacral therapy we can begin to actually experience opening, and begin to understand what the path of opening means.

Many people struggle as their awareness opens.  As we open more we become more sensitive to energy, and to the interconnection between people. We can feel the world much more intensely, with all the confusion and entanglements that human beings live in but do not speak of. Cranial work can give us understanding and a way of working through and ‘with’, gradually bringing in allowance and compassion, rather than anger, fear, guilt and shame.

From a spiritual perspective, moving out of stuckness teaches us to be free, to open to a more spacious awareness. Opening to hidden parts of us teaches us kindness and love. And maybe if we allow ourselves to move and open, and to love enough, we may begin to realize that open spacious and love feels so much better, and that maybe in some way it is who we are

I have found the spiritual path to be a gradual and often extremely difficult awakening. Linking Craniosacral therapy & the spiritual has for me been one of the few real tools that’s helped me and others connect with and aid the path to awakening.