What can we treat?

We have helped a wide variety of conditions, both physical and emotional, here are some of them:

addictions                           anxiety                                  arthritis

asthma                                back pain                              circulation

eczema                                frozen shoulder                  hay fever

heart problems                high blood pressure          infertility

injuries                                irritable bowel IBS               menstrual problems

migraine                             muscular problems             peripheral neuropathy

psoriasis                            repetitive strain RSI             rheumatism

sciatica                              sinus problems                     skin problems

stress                                 tiredness                                 ulcers

We can also help where there is no clear diagnosis, and in pregnancy management, during childbirth and all problems with babies and infants.

Feel free to contact us

We are committed to helping our clients as much as possible. If you have any questions about your particular situation then please phone on 07801355259. We are happy to discuss your situation and to help however we can.

Contact us

You can reach us on:    07801 355259   or on our contact form.

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