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“Hi David. thought I’d let you know I asked Dan [age 10] how he felt he said it felt like a whole new life! Then his mum asked & he said that before his thoughts and memories had been like a fuzz in his head, but now its like they are in a pot and he can take them out and put them back again. Thank you so much for helping him.”    Heather G.   (grandmother)

“David is keeping my leg functioning! It was run over by a lorry many years ago. I have limping badly since, but with fortnightly sessions for the past 4 years David keeps the limp away and I feel 15 years younger. Thank you”    Harold B    (engineer)

“I have had migraines for 30 years. I have been to many osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, healers, homeopaths and others for help. I find David’s treatment to be the only thing that helps me. He has reduced the severity a lot, and helped me to work out the cause of my migraines as well, which has been a huge relief.”    Danielle K      (Company M.D.)

“Amazing help for giving up smoking. My family and I are relieved that I’ve finally given up! And the facial acupuncture has been dramatic. Friends are saying I look 5 years younger!”    Valerie D    (therapist)

“After a 5 year fight with an upper back injury, I was about to have extremely risky back surgery. David’s acupuncture cured the problem in 6 treatments. I still cant believe it, but I’m back in full training!”         (International sports-person)

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