Craniosacral Therapy Guildford Surrey

We find Craniosacral therapy to be extremely powerful in helping people to get better. It can help with physical and emotional issues, and is also is amazingly helpful with self development. We often use it along with acupuncture at our clinic in Guildford

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

This gentle yet powerful therapy involves the examination of and then the realigning and freeing of head, spine and body tissues to heal both recent and past trauma.

Discovered by doctors in America, it is increasingly recommended by GPs. It can safely treat people of all ages and is particularly known for the treatment of babies and infants.

What Can it Treat?

At any time in our lives past trauma could be causing discomfort, pain and other health problems now that can remedied by treatment. Trauma can occur in many ways:

  • Falls
  • Car Accidents
  • Strong Impacts
  • Birth Trauma
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Past illness

Cranial work can also alleviate many other conditions, including:

  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Neck & Back pain
  • Muscular and Co-ordination problems
  • Spinal problems
  • Teeth & Jaw problems
  • Chronic Fatigue

Craniosacral Therapy and Emotional Insight

Many people report deep insights about their lives after Cranial work. During a session, as the body releases, clients will often return in their mind to the time and place where the bones or tissues originally tightened and was impacted. This can be the start of a rigid emotional or mental way of being that limits the client’s life still. Through dialogue the client can, during the therapy, gain new insights about the original situation. Then, as the bones and tissue are set free, they can set themselves emotionally and mentally free.

Craniosacral Therapy Guildford Surrey.

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