What is Mindfulness Movement?

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stretching, opening and connecting with your body
  • Opening our mind through movement
  • Openin our awareness through movement
  • Connecting with others through movement
  • Connecting more with nature

What happens in a Mindfulness Movement Class?

  • Stretching and opening body & mind
  • Exercising and expressing body & mind
  • Opening to and moving with nature
  • Making space for releasing stuck energy
  • Learning to connect better with self & others
  • Learning how to listen to & move with others
  • Learning to connect when sitting still

Tea and Snacks may appear at the end of the class.

When are Classes?

  • Tuesday     9am.    Meadow House, 11 Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford GI1 1BA.
  • Friday       10am.    At Shalford Park, on the A281, leaving Guildford, on Right Hand Side.

Cost: £5          Concessions – what you can afford.

All are welcome

Mindfulness Guildford Surrey