David Gilbert   dipAc, certC, dipShiatsu, MRCP

David Gilbert Acupuncture Therapy Guldford

I have been treating people in the Guildford area for 30 years. I have successfully helped people with a wide variety of conditions. I belong to the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

I qualified 30 years ago in acupuncture at the London School Of Acupuncture, counselling at Surrey University, and shiatsu with the European Shiatsu School. I then continued my training in craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute, regression work with Rodger Woolgar, and somato-emotional release at the Upledger Institute. I have taught mindfulness, shiatsu to professional level, and craniosacral therapy.

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for 33 years, and practising Shintaido, a Japanese spiritual movement system for 30 years, and teaching Shintaido for 30 years.

I also teach mindfulness & movement classes in Guildford, which through movement help people to reconnect with themselves, other people, and nature.

My Philosphy on Treatment

My life has been dedicated to learning to understand how and why people are as they are, and how all the difficulties that we all face in life happen.

The causes of any health issue can be in the body, mind and emotions. In staying open to all the causes of disease, dis-ease, and distress, i believe we are in a good place to learn how to heal ourselves and others.

I have found that diet, lifestyle & our emotional world as children all have such a strong effect on us, and our health.  I have spent a lot of time time finding out how our upbringing shapes our adult world.

So when i work with a client, I tailor the help I give to that person.  For simple pains and injuries, simple  acupuncture and simple cranial work may be what’s needed. For conditions with an emotional aspect then we can look at emotional aspects, eg car accident shock. For long term chronic illness, sometimes diet, lifestyle, and emotional causes can be looked at and addressed.

Sometimes simple health problems can have complex causes. sometimes severe illness can have simple causes. So it is important for me to spend time with you. Then I can build up a picture of how you got to here, & then how we can resolve things.

For example, often people come in with aches and pains that have started recently. It is amazing how often by talking about the months before the issue started, we find causes and connections that the client and their doctors missed. An example of this is a woman who came to me with constant extreme fatigue for 7 years. She had been diagnosed with M.E. In taking time to listen to her, I discovered that she had had a severe car accident 6 months before her M.E. started. For the next several months I treated her for severe car accident shock and trauma, and she was cured. She hadn’t had M.E. at all. She had Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

Life is complex, health is complex. So for me to help people, it helps to have an open mind, and to have really good professional training in the pathways of health in mind, body and emotions.

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