Car Accident trauma treated by Cranio-sacral therapy and Acupuncture

Car Accident Shock and trauma can stay hidden inside for years, and can be released through acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy

In my Guildford clinic in Surrey, I have seen so many clients for long-term pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, low energy, etc. who then remember a forgotten or seemingly unrelated trauma.

It can be a car accident, falling off a horse, a severe fall, being abused as a child, a death of someone close, or something that reveals one’s parents to not ever have listened. It can have happened close to the time that their problems started, or years before. Often though there is some link in time that they had not worked out.

And then during treatment, often hidden shock and trauma can be released.

Shock comes out through shaking, releasing emotion and bringing into awareness and talking through what happened that created the shock.

For me, when clients go into shock and remember stored traumatic experiences, it is important that I listen as non-judgmentally as possible, with warmth and caring. I find cranio-sacral therapy extremely helpful in this. It helps the person to process and release both physical and emotional shock and trauma. It is also important for me to be comfortable with all that can happen as someone relives trauma. This is where many years training, and many years of clinical experience are extremely useful.

Car Accident trauma treated by Cranio-sacral therapy and Acupuncture can be released in one treatment or need several, depending on the severity of the trauma, and if there is more than one trauma.

Many years ago I treated a young woman who had been hit by a car going at 40mph. It was a miracle that she survived. 5 months after the accident she was diagnosed as having M.E. (extreme tiredness). She came to see me 6 years later to help her M.E. She had been also suffering from agrophobia for 6 years. Neither she nor her doctors had linked her M.E. and agrophobia to the car accident. When she mentioned it when I asked about past accidents, I was astonished that it had not been linked, and knew that it must be a factor.

She came to see me fortnightly for the next 2 years. During that time she relived the car accident every session, with me treating her with cranio-sacral therapy. She gradually improved, until she no longer needed to see me, and felt back to her old self. This was after 6 years previous to seeing me where she had experienced no improvement.

In my experience severe car accidents, and even seemingly minor accidents can be unresolved and have long-lasting effects. Real life is not like the movies (where the hero gets bashed around and sees other people severely injured or worse). Real people do not just get up and shrug off big impacts, whether physical or emotional.

If you think that you may have been affected by shock or trauma, whether recent or decades ago, then feel free to give me a ring or email me.