Chiari Malformation Treated Successfully – Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral Therapy Take Away Symptoms

I have recently successfully treated Chiari Malformation symptoms at my clinic in Guildford, Surrey.

Chiari Transformation is where the brain drops slightly. It can often drop up to 20mm below where it’s normal position. How far it has dropped does affect how bad your symptoms will be. It can drop 5mm and cause severe symptoms. It can drop 20mm and not cause any symptoms.

It can never affect some people. other people get lots of symptoms that are very scary. Their lives can be badly affected by it long term.  It usually comes to light if you begin to experience symptoms and your doctor orders an MRI scan of your brain.

The main treatment offered by Doctors is surgery. They often recommend this only as a last resort. This because he operation carries risks, and may not be successful.

There is much discussion on the internet about whether other treatments can work. There is much negative comment which I think should be taken seriously. Some people have had bad experiences with alternative treatments. However, my experience in treating it makes me want to give a more positive, hopeful voice.

At my clinic i have seen Chiari Malformation rarely. It is likely I have treated it without me or the client even being aware of it. I have, however, had remarkable success in treating it recently. In this case with symptoms that have been relatively severe, and very frightening for the person.

Chiari Malformation treated successfully

I have recently treated Chiari Malformation with Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. With this person all the symptoms have disappeared. After the first treatment the symptoms were very much reduced. After a few further treatments they dissappeared. Regular maintenance treatments have kept symptoms away for several months so far. The client has gone back to leading a normal life. They are so much more hopeful and less frightened than they were when they first came to see me.

Obviously one swallow does not make a summer. However, this person had quite severe and very frightening symptoms. So for me, if you have been diagnosed by a Consultant as having Chiari Mlformation, there is hope.

If you have Chiari Malformation and would like to talk with me about it, feel free to contact me.

David Gilbert