Facial Rejuvenation Using Acupuncture in Guildford Surrey

Facial Rejuvenation Using Acupuncture in Guildford Surrey


I have been successfully doing facial rejuvenation using acupuncture at my clinic in Guildford Surrey.

I first became interested in this a few years ago. I was treating a woman in her early 50’s for eyesight and facial pain issues. I treated her for 3 years, once a fortnight, and was surprised towards the end of this time that she looked younger than when she first came for treatment. The lines on her face had reduced, her skin had softened and looked younger, and there was less sag. Her complexion had also improved.

Since then I have treated women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for facial rejuvenation using acupuncture in Guildford Surrey, with surprisingly good results. After just one 12-week course of treatment there have been noticeable changes for the better.

Alongside perhaps looking younger, women can feel younger, healthier and have more vitality. As a properly trained acupuncturist I do not just treat the face, I treat the person. The lady I treated for 3 years, at the end of treatment had no pain, had more energy, and was in better shape health-wise. Another lady’s migraines were less, and someone else’s insomnia was helped. So health issues can be helped alongside giving the face a lift.

In addition, I often use Craniosacral therapy alongside acupuncture. Cranial work gently adjusts the bones in the head, working on tensions. It realigns the facial structure & helps to resolve any health issues. This balancing of the face’s structure enhances the face’s natural look, as well as allowing the whole of the head to breath, and blood flow to improve.

Importantly, this kind of facial treatment is incredibly risk free. There are virtually no likely side-effects or risks. Very rarely there can be a very small area of light bruising for a day or so, and that’s it. Compared to surgery and other very invasive techniques, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy are amazingly safe.

Long-term, regular top-up treatments can maintain the initial improvements. Further courses of treatment can also safely be taken.

So my experience is very positive. Acupuncture is a really good, safe way to enhance healthy looks, to slow the signs of aging and in giving your face a health make-over!