Babies, Birth Trauma & Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranial work with babies and infants up to 3 years old can have remarkable results. I have been treating babies for 30 years, & cranial work has helped then with many issues. Examples are colic, reflux, digestion problems, physical pain, sleeplessness, night terrors, distress, emotional & behaviour problems, bonding issues, physical problems from birth, & birth trauma.

Cranial work is a very gentle treatment. It involves gently holding the baby’s head or body, listening through the cranial rhythm, & allowing the bones, soft tissue and internal organs to gently re-align, & adjust into place.

Cranio sacral baby babies infants birth traumaMost babies have birth trauma as an underlying cause of their problems. While Cranial treatment is very gentle, in my experience birth trauma is often brutal for the baby and mother both physically & emotionally.  If left untreated, it does not resolve. It will then stay in the baby’s system affecting them adversely for years. Maybe for decades.

Judith Herman, one of the world’s top Medical experts in trauma, says that to resolve trauma, the person must first be safe, then relive the trauma in a kind listening environment, then reintegrate with their safe world. (Judith was head of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, & one of the Medical experts that defined Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when it was invented.)

During Cranial treatment, I find that babies with birth trauma will relive their trauma & express a lot of feelings about their birth. They do this while physically re-enacting their birth. If your baby arches its back while crying, it is almost certainly trying to tell you about their trauma in the birth canal, & asking you to help them with it.

I find that by allowing the baby to express and relive what happened to it at birth fully, & feel listened to, the trauma is resolved. Most of the issues they came with are often resolved as cookie_studio on Freepik

Once the baby has resolved their birth trauma, they can soften, relax, & often bond with their mother properly for the 1st time. Their digestion can improve, their sleep improves, & they experience far less upset. They are happier.

After the huge issues of birth trauma resolve, I can gently & easily free the cranial bones, the spine sacrum, & the soft tissue around the internal organs. This will help resolve any physical pain that your baby has been suffering with, usually since birth.

Cranial work helps the mother as well as her baby. It is also often an incredibly powerful and cathartic experience for her. It can really help them to bond more with each other, & close any of the gaps that birth trauma created.

I encourage mothers not to always try & make their babies happier. I encourage them instead to listen to their baby’s upset, as their baby may be wanting to tell them something important. As Judith Herman & other experts say, if our upset is listened to & allowed, then it can resolve.

If you have any questions about cranial work for your child, feel free to get in contact.